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C.A.Wulff is an author, artist and animal advocate. She has been involved in pet rescue for over twenty-five years. She has written two books about her true-life adventures living with an ever-changing house full of pets: Born Without a Tail, and Circling the Waggins, and a guide to animal advocacy using the Internet as a tool: How to Change the World in 30 Seconds". Wulff also writes a pet column and book review column for the Examiner, and is a contributing editor for She attributes her love of animals to having been raised by Wulffs.

In the Company of Wolfie

She was given a court-appointed guardian, and Wolfie was taken away from her and put into the care of an appointee. Continue reading

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Beautiful, Beautiful Boy

I didn’t think I would ever love a dog the way that I had loved Dillon, my heart dog, but my love for Waldo surpassed even that. Continue reading

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How Much Crating is Too Much? After the New OAS Book, Some Thoughts on What Constitutes Over-Crating of Dogs

When the truth surfaced about the Olympic Animal Shelter in 2014, I was sickened at the thought of all of those dogs living in crates all day, every day, for years on end – and the admission by the Shelter’s … Continue reading

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Books: Underwater Puppies & A Dog’s Journey

UNDERWATER PUPPIES by Seth Casteel Rating: 2 paws Seth Casteel obtained fame with his best selling photography book Underwater Dogs in 2012. His photos of dogs diving for balls and toys took social media by storm. They offered a perspective … Continue reading

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What Does it Mean to Love a Dog?

This is Jeb. He is a senior hound who belongs to a friend’s adult granddaughter. I’ve been told that she loves him. These are Jeb’s feet. Jeb’s been struggling for awhile now. The family has considered putting him down because … Continue reading

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Learning Lessons from Loss

But in addition to our grief were a series of repercussions that left me shaken and more than a little freaked out. Continue reading

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Animal Advocacy: the End of Innocence

Last week, I saw a video on Facebook that a lot of people were outraged over — it was of a woman beating her dog with a frying pan — and I wasn’t horrified. I watched the video three or … Continue reading

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