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The War of the Walkies

Waldo weighs almost 100 lbs, and although he is a big sweet gentle dog, he knows exactly how powerful he is, and he’s not afraid to push his weight, (or me), around. Continue reading

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Trouble in the Dog House

Suddenly, we have trouble in the dog house. By “dog house”, I don’t mean an actual dog house. Our dogs do not live outside, nor do I believe that any dog should. By dog house, I mean the three room log cabin we share with our dogs, which is essentially theirs, we just happen to live here too. Continue reading

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My Dogs Are Not Perfect.

My dogs are not perfect. They are the obedience class rejects that other dog owners mock in class. Or, at least they would be, if they had ever gone to obedience class, which they haven’t.  One of their most egregious … Continue reading

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