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Bunny the Dog Talks, Are We Ready to Listen?

A dog with the potential to communicate with us in a new way could push us to accept that animals “have their own thoughts, wants, needs, desires,” Continue reading

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Training Tips for Pup Parents

Most everyone knows that I am a dog nut: that I’ve had a lot of dogs, that I’ve read a lot of books about dogs, that dogs are always on my brain. So, people tend to ask me a lot … Continue reading

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When Advocacy Spills into my Day. Crazy or Not Crazy? That is the Question.

I am a dog advocate. This is a truth so deeply ingrained in who I am, that I sometimes see things a little differently than most people.  You might say I view the world through dog-colored glasses. I had an … Continue reading

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The Only Motivation You Need is Compassion

Lately, I’ve noticed more and more animal rescuers and crossposters on Facebook making noise about some of the graphic photos of animal abuse being shared.  I wrote a little bit about the issue here Up on the Woof two posts … Continue reading

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