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So Much More Than Nothing

I am really struggling today. By that, I mean that the depression that I keep locked securely in the cabinet has escaped today and is wielding a baseball bat and beating me black and blue. I find myself here because … Continue reading

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Peta’s ‘Convenient Lie’ is Alive and Well. The Chained Dogs They Rescue? Not So Much.

(Reblogged from Tamira Thayne’s “Untethered.”) I have a subscription to The Washington Post online. Today’s blog is just another reason I wish I didn’t… I mean, you know when Trump is president and you’re effin’ convinced you’re about to die … Continue reading

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How Much Crating is Too Much? After the New OAS Book, Some Thoughts on What Constitutes Over-Crating of Dogs

When the truth surfaced about the Olympic Animal Shelter in 2014, I was sickened at the thought of all of those dogs living in crates all day, every day, for years on end – and the admission by the Shelter’s … Continue reading

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When Advocacy Spills into my Day. Crazy or Not Crazy? That is the Question.

I am a dog advocate. This is a truth so deeply ingrained in who I am, that I sometimes see things a little differently than most people.  You might say I view the world through dog-colored glasses. I had an … Continue reading

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