DOGS. Because People Suck


Chained in the snow in Warren Twp., Ohio.

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4 Responses to highland_trumbull4

  1. Gloria brownlee says:

    This poor dog look under feed look at his ribs. And he is chained out side in the snow what kind of people do these kinds of things they can’t be humans. We have to change our laws make them so this kind of thing don’t happen without the owner being fine & jail this would stop some of this sh::::.


  2. Jane Lee says:

    Their should be laws to stop this cruel thing what is the point of haveing a dog if the poor things life is going to be on the end of the chain for the rest of his life if you were a dog would you accept a life like that I dont think so stop this a give a dog to a loveing family and home and no stuck out side in that freezing cold wheather ist fare


  3. Jenn says:

    What ever happened to this dog?


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