Out to Lunch — Up on the Woof

I don’t know how almost a whole month has passed since my last post here Up On The Woof. How is that possible?

I apologize for not being more present here. The good news is that I’ve been insanely busy.  I was recently offered a national column on Examiner.com. My local column: Cleveland Pets Examiner, has been demanding enough on its own, because there have been a million pet events in the greater Cleveland area in preparation for the holiday and the end of the year. Then there’s Examiner’s America Inspired contest…

Last week, I entered an article in the contest nominating Karlie Smick as Outstanding Youth. Karlie is the extraordinary 9-year-old girl from Columbia Station who runs an annual pet food drive/fundraiser for local animal shelters, called Karlie’s Cause.

Karlie Smick and Rogue

If Karlie’s story makes it into the finals, she and I will need your votes during the month of January!  Karlie has already committed to donating half of her winnings to Karlie’s Cause, and if we make it to the finals, I will finally be able to repay Valley Save-a-Pet for Waldo’s double-knee surgeries in 2010. The sooner I can repay them, the more funds they will have to help other pet owners in need.

My new national column is National Animal Books Examiner, devoted to reviewing animal-themed books and their authors. Being a dogaholic, I naturally read a lot of animal themed books, so this column seemed like a no-brainer for me…except now with two columns to write I don’t seem to have nearly enough time to read! I’ve managed to make it through a handful of wonderful books though, and post reviews for them. Of those, I just can’t stop thinking about Hannah’s Dream, by Diane Hammond, which turned out to be a real gem.

If you haven’t checked out either of my columns, consider yourself officially invited to do so. I hope you’ll stop by there often, comment, subscribe and share. My success on Examiner depends on how many people stop by my column, so I hope you’ll find the content there interesting enough to make it a habit.

In between all that reading and writing, I organized two online fundraisers for Ashley Owen Hill’s Lucky Dog Rescue in Meridian Mississippi. The art auction was very successful thanks to the kindness of the artists who participated and the astounding generosity of the bidders. The book raffle fundraiser has been moderately successful, but has gone on hiatus now until January 1st, and then it will start up again with six to eight more weeks of books to be raffled.  Check out the yelodoggie/LDR raffle web page after January 1 to see what great books are being offered.

Somewhere in between all that stuff I had to squeeze in the design and production of our annual holiday greeting card, create some Yelodoggie designs for new items in the Yelodoggie Café Press store, and knock a few queries out in an attempt to interest a literary agent in the manuscript for my second book Circling the Waggins: How Five Misfit Dogs Saved Me From Bewilderness.

I guess that explains how I never noticed all that time flying by.

Before I lose track of the next two weeks, I want to wish you a very Happy Holiday Season, and I hope you will stick with me Up on the Woof in the coming year.


About yelodoggie

Ariel C. Wulff is an author, artist and animal advocate. They have been involved in pet rescue for over twenty-five years. They have written two books about their true-life adventures living with an ever-changing house full of pets: Born Without a Tail, and Circling the Waggins, and a guide to animal advocacy using the Internet as a tool: How to Change the World in 30 Seconds". Wulff also wrote a pet column and book review column for the Examiner, and was a contributing editor for AnimalsVote.org. They attribute their love of animals to having been raised by Wulffs.
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2 Responses to Out to Lunch — Up on the Woof

  1. ouacstowohio says:

    Congrats on the National Examiner. I love animal themed books as well. I will be reading your column for sure. How exciting! Annie Weddle


  2. ouacstowohio says:

    You shared all the links and I shopped…hehehhe! Pajamas and boxers, my favorite attire!


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